5 Tricks To Preventing Mold On Your Paint Job in Baton Rouge, LA

2020-08-21 Prestigious Painting Baton Rouge Preventing Mold On Paint Job Baton Rouge LA

When you are looking to paint your home, whether it is going to be on the exterior of your home or your home interior, there is one thing you will often want to avoid, and that is the growth of mold on your paintwork.

There are specific techniques you can easily employ to make sure that the likelihood of mold growing on your paintwork is decrease significantly, if not entirely, in some cases.

As this is the case, here are five tricks to preventing mold on your paint job in Baton Rouge, LA.

1. Darker Shades Lead To Less Mold

When you are looking to paint the exterior of your home and mold is one of your concerns, consider using a darker color than you might have otherwise considered if mold had not been a concern.

The reason this is the case is that darker colors tend to dry more quickly than lighter colors, and when it comes to finding yourself with mold on the exterior of your home, having a surface that dries more quickly is better than having one that dries more slowly. It is moisture that sits for periods that ultimately leads to mold, after all.

Even if the darker colors might not necessarily fit your particular aesthetic, having the peace of mind that you are reducing the chances of mold might be a more important thing.

2. Glossy Leads To Less Mold

Mold tends to like to attach itself to more porous surfaces — the more porous the surface, the more likely that it will get moldy.

That being the case, you are going to be doing yourself a favor if you use more glossy paint for preventing mold.

This is true in that glossier paint is much less porous, and in fact, it has been found that the glossier the paint, the better suited it will be to prevent mold as well as the growth of mold.

3. Clean Often

One of the best things that you can do for your paintwork to make sure that you don’t find yourself with mold on it is to clean it fairly often.

This, of course, doesn’t have to turn into any sort of obsessive daily thing, but as long as you keep it a semi-regular thing, you should see that even the slightest hints or ideas of mold activity that could come up get entirely obliterated.

You can take one part bleach to three parts water and use it to clean the surfaces of your paintwork, and mold will steer clear away from it.

4. Check For Leaks

As stated above, mold really loves water — it is a source of mold making an appearance, practically.

As this is the case, you’re going to want to do to make sure that you don’t have any sort of leaks going on.

Even the most minor of leaks can ultimately build up over time and cause the kinds of puddles that will moisten a surface if left unchecked and then lead to mold growth.

5. Ventilate Well

In the smaller spaces in your home, such as bathrooms, you’re going to want to make sure that there is proper ventilation in order to prevent mold growth.

This can mean everything from periodically opening windows when there is exposure to moisture (such as when one is boiling water or taking a shower) or even running a fan to ensure ventilation.

Bottom Line: It Can Be Prevented

Mold is something that can happen to just about anyone, but with vigilance, it can also be prevented.

With the right sort of vigilance, you can take proper care of your paintwork before and after it happens and ensures that you don’t have to see it in or on your home.

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