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Is Buying The Paint For My Project The Best Option?

You’re ready to paint your home--congratulations!   The hardest thing to do in my opinion is deciding when and how to get your project completed.  Let’s say you’ve decided to hire a contractor so you can avoid the DIY blues--who will handle getting the paint?   Is it better to...

What does it cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Let's face it, we all spend the MOST time in one room in our house--the Kitchen!   Are you tired of those dark and drab stained kitchen cabinets?  This look is a hit for many, but for some kitchens it can make everything just seem gloomy.   WHY YOU WANT...

What does it cost to paint a room?

Have you ever tried to buy something from someone that wouldn't tell you what it cost up front? You finally get in front of someone that can help you, but they withhold information... It can be so frustrating! Sometimes you just need to know a ballpark number so you can...

What to ask when Painting your Home

So you've finally decided--it's time to tackle that big painting project around the house, and you know you'll need a pro to do it!  After all, you don't want to spend the next 6 weekends doing it yourself, do you? Now, you've got to find a contractor that will do...

When Is The Best Time To Paint Your House In Baton Rouge, LA?

My favorite time of year in Baton Rouge is early fall--the weather stays cooler during the day and it's way more enjoyable to be out in the field doing estimates!   What’s not to love about that?   Whether it’s fall, spring, winter, or summer..  you may be thinking that...

Getting your home ready for the holidays in Baton Rouge, LA

We just had a blast of cold weather here in Baton Rouge (what a Sneaux-Day!)  When that happens, we immediately start to think about what comes along with it.  Namely, the Holiday Season! At least, that’s the first thing I thought of.  Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday, just because...
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