5 More Tips For Increasing Your Curb Appeal in Baton Rouge, LA

2020-07-07 Prestigious Painting Baton Rouge LA 5 More Tips Curb Appeal

We have previously discussed the importance of increasing your curb appeal, whether or not you are looking to ultimately sell your home — just the nature of curb appeal means that by improving it, you have a better-looking house overall.

There are far too many things you can do to improve curb appeal to fit into just one blog post, possibly, so we are revisiting the subject today.

With that being said, here are five more tips for increasing your curb appeal in Baton Rouge, LA.

1. Larger House Number

There are few things more frustrating when you’re trying to visit a friend than not being able to find their house.

Often the reason that it is difficult is that house numbers can be quite small.

With a more substantial house number on your home, you’re not only making your house look overall better. You’re serving a useful purpose — making your house that much easier to find for friends and other visitors alike.

2. Potted Plants

Plants are a lovely addition to the exterior of your home, and they certainly add to the curb appeal. Still, one downside is that it’s sometimes nice to vary the look of the plants outside your home — and relocating plants traditionally is difficult.

This is not the case with potted plants, which are a bit easier to relocate thanks to the very fact that they dwell within pots that can be moved about.

Of course, it should be mentioned that these plants can be on the heavy side and that when moving them about, you will likely need the help of a couple of people — but for the purpose of redecorating, it is well worth the time and money.

3. Roof Cleaning

It’s interesting how the roof, one of the most important parts of your home, can be so often overlooked when you are thinking about areas to improve.

As far as curb appeal goes, you should take the time to make sure that your roof is clean and clear periodically, and the benefits of a clean roof don’t just have to do with the way that your home looks.

Many issues that people have with leaks that come from the roof start off with something as simple as an accumulation of leaves that sit on the roof for too long, and if they get too moist can rot and cause significant damage to your roof.

4. How Would A Home Buyer See Your Home?

A simple tip for figuring out what you should do to improve the curb appeal of your home is to take a walk around your house, especially the more curb visible parts, and ask yourself what you as a home buyer would think if you were looking at your home.

Though it may be a bit difficult to look at your house objectively — sometimes we overlook the flaws in our homes because they are so near to us — it’s worth trying to see what you would want in a home and consider adding that for the benefit of possible future buyers.

5. Add A Walkway Or Improve The One You Have

A house with a good walkway is a house people are much happier to visit, especially if the alternative means walking through your front yard sans walkway — there’s always a sense of intrusion when you walk through someone’s grass, even if that’s the only way to get to the front door.

If you already have a good walkway, you can make it even better by remodeling it or even adding important things like lights that are solar-powered — during the day they charge up, and at night they illuminate the walkway, making getting to your home that much safer.

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