7 Tricks For Avoiding A Mess While Interior Painting in Prairieville, LA

2020-07-21 Prestigious Painting Baton Rouge Prairieville LA Avoiding Mess Interior

When you’re considering painting the interior of your home, an important aspect that will come into play is how to do it without making too much of a mess.

It’s something that you should carefully think about because if you don’t put some planning into it, you will likely end up with paint places where it does not belong and have to spend quite some time cleaning it up.

With that being the case, here are seven tricks for avoiding a mess during interior painting in Prairieville, LA.

1. Make A Full Plan In Advance

One of the quickest ways that you can guarantee that you’re going to have a mess when you are interior painting is to not make any sort of plan for your paintwork.

This more specifically refers to the need for you to know when you’re going to be painting, for how long, and what supplies you will specifically need.

Running out of a key supply will cause you to hastily get up and go to purchase more, and this is a component in possibly making a mess.

2. Removing Furniture From The Room

When things get in the way of your painting, you are likely to collide and therefore cause all sorts of messes.

You’re going to want to do yourself a favor and remove to the best of your ability the furniture from the room that is being painted.

If there is furniture in particular that you can’t remove, you should do well to put it toward the center of the room and to cover it with a protective tarp so that it stays out of the way and doesn’t get covered in paint.

3. Remove Electrical Outlet Covers And Light Switch Covers

It probably seems like no big deal, but when you get paint on these covers, you’re looking at quite a cleanup and one that may make you want to consider throwing them out entirely and replacing them.

Far easier it is to just remove the covers and use a sort of painter’s tape to cover up where they were for the duration of the paintwork.

Some people go the extra mile and will write down details on the paint they use during the painting process, so if they need to later repaint, they can get more of the same sort of paint.

4. Make Sure To Sand

Sanding is a fundamental part of the painting process and is responsible for a lot of the messes you see in the world of interior painting not happening.

By sanding the surface, you make it more smooth, and doing this will help you avoid a mess while painting.

5. Allow The Paint To Dry

When you are looking to paint two coats of paint, you must allow the first coat to fully dry before painting on a second coat.

If you fail to allow this time to pass, you will see that the first coat will come up on the paint roller or paintbrush as you are trying to paint the second coat, making for quite a mess.

6. Mix The Paint In A Paper Bag

Some awful messes can be made in the painting process if you just stir the paint like normal without taking any precautions in doing so.

It is far better to put that paint bucket in a paper bag and then stir while in that bag — then if there is any spill or splatter, it will be only on the inside of the bag.

7. Do Not Paint Directly From The Bucket

Before painting, pour from the bucket to a smaller container or paint tray.

By doing this, you are not going to be hauling around a large container and possibly spilling it, getting paint everywhere.

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