When Is The Best Time To Paint Your House In Baton Rouge, LA?

My favorite time of year in Baton Rouge is early fall–the weather stays cooler during the day and it’s way more enjoyable to be out in the field doing estimates!


What’s not to love about that?


Whether it’s fall, spring, winter, or summer..  you may be thinking that you’ve got a few projects left that you still want to complete before the weather changes–but is it TOO LATE?


Weather plays a big part in our business–it can ultimately make or break our week!  Sometimes it feels like it will never stop raining in Baton Rouge, but we’re lucky enough to still get some great stretches of cool and dry weather throughout the year.


The best thing is, even in the fall or winter, we can make up for that rainy summer we had that kept us painting interiors over June and July.  You may be wondering though: What if we get a serious cold front?  Is it still okay to paint when it’s cold or humid?


So what’s the Answer? When is the best time to paint your home in Baton Rouge?


ALL YEAR… but with a few exceptions.


There are basically 3 factors we have to consider no matter the time of year:


1. Temperature


I’m sure you guessed this one.  We use latex paints when performing exterior painting, which cure by allowing the water to evaporate out of the paint over time.


It goes without saying: you can’t paint if it’s below freezing! The water in the paint will freeze, destroying the integrity of the coating.  There is often a couple of weeks a year at least that we can’t paint when the temperature dips below freezing, although that isn’t a very common occurrence in Baton Rouge.


You also wouldn’t want to paint above 100 degrees–that can cause some problems with both the application process and curing as well.  Direct Sun at those temperatures will do produce some very strange effects to latex paint.


2. Humidity and Moisture


This is a big one that we keep an eye on all year, especially since we are technically in a subtropical climate here in Baton Rouge.  The rule of thumb I use is 80% humidity.


Anything above that means the air is so full of moisture, the paint just won’t cure.  It won’t allow the moisture to evaporate!


Painting in those conditions can lead to some serious paint failures… like peeling and bubbles.  We have to be most careful about this when there is a storm or even a big cold front that causes high humidity.


3. The Type of Paint


Depending on the quality and make of paint used, different paints have different tolerances for temperature when it comes to curing.


Some brands are only good down to 50 degrees (overnight low temperature), while some are formulated to cure in temperatures as low as 35 degrees and will still cure properly with no failures.


Choose a paint that gives you both the performance you need for the season you are painting in, as well as a great value when it comes to longevity and price point.  When working with a professional painting contractor, they should be able to provide you with premium paints at a hefty discount.


If you are planning to paint your home yourself, keep an eye out for seasonal sales at major paint manufacturers–those are aimed towards the DIY friendly consumers like you.


So how can this help me?


If you are planning on painting your home, or plan on hiring a professional to do so, make sure you or your contractor take these elements into account when preparing to paint, and especially during the course of the job.  Applying the paint in proper weather conditions will ensure your final paint job will last!

Want some more tips on working with painting contractors?  How about an 11-step checklist of what EVERY PAINTING CONTRACTOR should be asked before you hire them? Get my guide for Free!


Have a question about a Painting Project?  Give us a call at (225) 614-9520 and I’ll do my best to be your guide in maintaining your home.  Or, look below and schedule your estimate today!


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