Getting your home ready for the holidays in Baton Rouge, LA

We just had a blast of cold weather here in Baton Rouge (what a Sneaux-Day!)  When that happens, we immediately start to think about what comes along with it.  Namely, the Holiday Season!

At least, that’s the first thing I thought of.  Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday, just because of the food alone!  Not to mention the opportunity to gather with the family we love and give thanks for the year we’ve had.

(Oh yeah, and there’s usually Pumpkin Cheesecake there, too!)

With Thanksgiving under our belts, I quickly realized Christmas (Or Hanukkah, or any Seasonal Holiday you may celebrate in the Winter) and the New Year are just days away!

Around here, most families usually gather together at one of their relative’s homes for all of those events to celebrate together.  Which may have you realizing.. You’ve got to get your house ready for guests!

I’ve put together a list of 4 common painting projects I typically get calls for around this time of year, that may inspire you with some ways you can prepare your home for the holidays.

(If you see one that hits home, give me a call and let’s see if we can’t tackle that for you before the whole family shows up!)

  1. Kitchen & Dining Room Walls:  They may need some drywall repairs and a change from that ugly color that was picked 15 years ago–I can’t handle anymore Mustard Yellow or Plum!  This is a very cost-effective way to improve the most lived-in space of your home.   And let’s face it, around here we spend A LOT of time in our kitchens during the Holidays!
  1. Guest or Spare Bedrooms:  Now that your son or daughter have gone to college, it’s time to get those rooms ready for extra family coming in for Christmas.  That Purple & Gold color scheme was really cool when they were in grade school–now it might seem a bit much!  This is an inexpensive way to spruce up that old bedroom that you’ve been using for storage.
  1. Stained Entry Doors:  The Sun & Humidity does a number on Stained doors in Louisiana, and if you aren’t doing work to maintain them every 1-3 years, it’s likely worse for wear.  We can do a lot to rejuvenate the color and will use a high-quality spar varnish that will protect it from UV rays for longer than a typical polyurethane.
  1. Last, let’s not forget the exterior of the house:  We know how it goes–you meant to get it done in the Spring, then the Summer, and now you’re realizing Winter is right around the corner.  Don’t worry, it isn’t too late.  With the right weather, the appropriate paint, and an upcoming slot in our calendar, we can have that done for you before Christmas!  Now is an excellent time for exterior painting.  Let us get you a quote soon so your home is protected over the busy winter months.

Have a question about a Painting Project?  Give us a call at (225) 614-9520 and I’ll do my best to be your guide in maintaining your home.

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