What does it cost to paint a room?

Have you ever tried to buy something from someone that wouldn’t tell you what it cost up front?

You finally get in front of someone that can help you, but they withhold information… It can be so frustrating!

Sometimes you just need to know a ballpark number so you can prepare, or even know what a project could cost.

Now, I’m not going to say that any painter should be able to quote pricing right off the top of their head with little information or without seeing the job.  As a painting contractor that specializes in Custom Painting & Maintenance Painting, I can tell you that every job and every home is different.

BUT–that doesn’t mean I can’t help you understand HOW we price things and help you get a price range–before you get a custom quote from us.

Below is the price and the typical scope of work to paint the walls in a room, as well as some additional factors that could change (increase or decrease) the cost of a job:

The Scope of Work: Painting Walls only to change color

  • Confirm color and sheen placement with homeowner
  • Mask/Cover flooring and furniture items with paper/plastic
  • Sand walls if needed
  • Minor drywall repair like filling anchor holes/nail holes and sanding
  • Remove outlet & light switch cover plates
  • Remove Blinds/Window treatments
  • Apply 1st coat of a high quality latex-based paint with a brush & roller technique
  • Allow appropriate time for 1st coat to dry
  • Sand if needed
  • Apply 2nd coat of a high quality latex-based paint with a brush & roller technique
  • Allow appropriate time for 2nd coat to dry to touch
  • Re-install removed outlet/light switch cover plates
  • Re-install removed Blinds/Window Treatments
  • Cleanup & remove masking/coverings
  • Perform inspection with homeowner

The cost of painting walls only in a typical room as described above: (includes paint)

10′ x 12′ Room :    $310    

12′ x 15′ Room :    $450

15′ x 20′ Room :    $640   

Factors that increase or decrease the cost of a job like this:

  • Dirty/Stained drywall or marker/color marks
  • Damages to drywall like holes the size of a quarter and above
  • Damaged or Water damaged drywall causing bubbling drywall or peeling drywall tape
  • Heavily textured walls
  • Drastic color changes (deep/medium tones to light tones or vice-versa)
  • Color Selections like Red, Purple, or Yellow
  • Preference for a different manufacturer or line of paint than quoted
  • Wallpaper or attempted wallpaper removal
  • Ceilings heights above 8′
  • Tray ceilings and other custom/decorative elements
  • Removal and replacement of furniture
  • Whether a room is empty, partially full, or full of furniture items

Now that you’ve got an idea of what it takes, and what it costs to paint a room–you know where to start on your project!

If you would like an interior pricing guide that can help you price different sized rooms, and other elements like trim and ceilings, you can start planning your entire project RIGHT NOW! Get My Guide for Free!

Have a question about a Painting Project?  Give us a call at (225) 614-9520 and I’ll do my best to be your guide in transforming your home.  Or, look below and schedule your estimate today!

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