What does it cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Let’s face it, we all spend the MOST time in one room in our house–the Kitchen!


Are you tired of those dark and drab stained kitchen cabinets?  This look is a hit for many, but for some kitchens it can make everything just seem gloomy.




Painting Stained Cabinets requires a lot of attention to detail, coating solutions that adhere and provide hardy finishes, and also enhance the beauty of your cabinets.  The DIY folks on HGTV and Pinterest make it look easy, but not every homeowner has the time and patience for a cabinet project.




  • We utilize TSP (trisodium phosphate) to clean and also degloss your cabinet surfaces to ensure proper primer adhesion.
  • Whenever possible, we spray your cabinet surfaces to ensure uniform coverage, and achieve a finish free of brush strokes and other defects.
  • This requires extensive prep and masking prior to the performance of your job, in order to protect your valuable surfaces like flooring, countertops, and appliances.
  • We utilize high-performing adhesion primers made to adhere specially to stained surfaces, cover dark or rich stain colors, and also prevent tannins in the wood from bleeding through the paint job.
  • We putty and caulk seams and nail penetrations that become visible after priming to give the cabinets a finished and professional appearance.
  • We use oil or alkyd-based paints for topcoats on the cabinet surfaces, that offer self-leveling properties and a rigid, hardy surface that will hold up to the rigors of everyday use.




  • A typical cabinet painting project takes 4 days from start to finish.
  • Projects can take longer for bigger cabinet sets, or when the humidity and ventilation in the home affects dry times (1-2 days additional).
  • You can typically use your refrigerator when we are gone in the evenings.
  • Your cabinets and other appliances may be unavailable until the end of the final day.
  • Bonus: You will probably get to try out a couple of new restaurants for dinner! (yum!)




  • We treat every home like it is our own–this includes your kitchen!
  • We protect and mask flooring, appliances, walls, you name it!
  • We use zip walls to create a barrier in open kitchens or across doorways.
  • We clean up every day to reduce dust and utilize HEPA vacs.




  • The wood your cabinets are made of – some woods are more common with stained cabinets, such as oak. Other more exotic woods like cypress may require additional primer coats or more sanding.
  • The type of hinges you have – older styles such as non-recessed hinges can be more difficult to work with in order to remove cabinet doors, but in some cases we actually paint these hinges. Newer style hinges are commonly recessed and easier to adjust, and allow us to separate the door from the cabinet body without removing the hardware from each. A major factor we consider is ensuring your doors will still fit square and flush if we take them off the hinges.
  • Whether or not you choose to have the interior of the cabinet boxes painted can affect price, but not tremendously so. Materials and labor saved by leaving the interiors stained can wash out after masking the interior of the cabinet boxes to protect them.
  • The environment the cabinets are in can affect the labor required to properly mask the surfaces surrounding them, as well as labor required to create a “clean-room” effect to prevent aerosolized paint from escaping into other areas of your home.




Here is some sample pricing that you can use to help budget for painting stained cabinets. All pricing examples are based on 1 Coat of our preferred Primer, and 2 coats of a premium-grade oil or alkyd-based trim paint.


A small to medium-sized set of cabinets like the ones above typically costs between $3000-$3500


A larger-sized set of cabinets like the ones above typically costs
between $3750-$4500


A simple and great guide for how to price the painting of your stained cabinets, is $100/door or panel, and $35/drawer.


Revising your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint involves carefully considering various factors, including the cost, time, and expertise required. Opting for professional kitchen cabinet painters in Baton Rouge can alleviate much of the stress associated with such projects. These professionals bring a wealth of experience and access to the latest techniques and tools, such as virtual kitchen cabinet painters, to ensure a flawless finish.

The cost of painting kitchen cabinets can vary, but investing in quality service ensures your kitchen transformation is beautiful and durable. Techniques like spraying can offer a superior finish but come at a higher cost than traditional brush painting. Remember, the key to a successful cabinet painting project lies in the preparation—thoroughly deglossing your cabinets can make all the difference in the longevity and appearance of the final product.

Moreover, understanding how long it takes to paint a kitchen is crucial for planning. While the painting might be completed within a few days, the entire process, including preparation and drying times, could extend over a week. This highlights the importance of patience and planning, ensuring the result is worth waiting for.

Ultimately, whether you’re considering how much to repaint kitchen cabinets or the cost to hire a painter, it’s essential to view this investment through the lens of the value it brings to your home. Not only does a well-executed paint job refresh your kitchen’s aesthetics, but it also enhances the overall value of your home, making it a worthwhile endeavor for any homeowner looking to update their space.

If you would like an interior pricing guide that can help you price different sized rooms, and other elements like trim and ceilings, you can start planning your entire project RIGHT NOW! Get My Guide for Free!


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